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Donald Lang Architects
Food Service

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The following is a typical and recent example of how DLA works with its clients to produce successful results.

A 3,000 S.F. tea room and bakery in a northwest suburb of Boston was reconcepting toward fine dining: new name, new menu, new pricing, new layout, new decor and new graphics.

The first meeting is a listening session that allows DLA to determine any potential problems that need to be overcome at the establishment. What are the property's real assets? What are the contemplated changes to operations, staffing, menu or target clientele? Who are the project team members? What is the appropriate "feel" for the new establishment? And, naturally, what is the re-design budget and schedule?

DLA’s initial design work is always an intellectual process, not a Beaux Arts drawing exercise. We gather site data, thoroughly analyze the problem at hand , don't begin drawing until we've conceived of a sensible, budget- appropriate direction for the design.

A confusing and distracting entrance is resolved with a sophisticated exterior sign, and a prominent new lobby graciously welcomes diners. A simple, solid cherry bar becomes the centerpiece of a new street-side dining room, transforming a previously unprofitable delicatessan area into the best seats in the house. A messy staff office is converted into a Napa style presentation wine cellar, complete with museum lighting. A sophisticated, color scheme subtly invokes the historical heritage of the neighborhood , and, along with dramatic lighting fixtures, elegantly transforms a cluttered cafeteria-style dining room into a comfortable grand salon that serenely showcases beautiful plates presented by a talented young chef.

DLA also specified floral arrangements, window treatments and arranged the procurement of original art from a New York painter.

Voila! This modest, $100,000 re-design -- accomplished in less than 30 days -- has transformed the space, giving it a new personality and enhanced business opportunity.