Food Service Design Portfolio
Donald Lang Architects
Food Service

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85 Hollis St.
Framingham, MA

Barriga Cheia was a successful 20 seat traditional Brasilian buffet when the adjacent defunct lounge space became available. DLA designed a new 160 seat establishment with bar and complete new kitchen facilities in the space.  Layers of floors, walls and ceilings that were part of the former biker bar were removed, street windows that had been blocked up were restored, new skylights opened and a rustic “Rio style warehouse” feel was created intended to resonate with the Brasilian clientele as well as invite new American customers. The restaurant features a “churrasco” for roasting meat on spits, a signature of the concept. A new entrance, façade treatments, large lighting fixtures and bar with plenty of TVs for World Cup soccer matches define the interior. A vibrant, Latin color scheme, tile, wall treatments and other interior touches were provided by Wellesley interior designer Andra Birketts. The design of the project allowed the expanded restaurant construction to proceed without closing the existing facility, thus maintaining cash flow for the restaurant during the renovation.

Middelton Retail Center
Middleton, MA

Located in a new 7,000 S.F. shopping center space looking out to busy route 114, Teresa’s is an emporium of authentic “North End” Italian products with a decidedly suburban ambience serving the affluent North Shore community. The design challenges included accommodating the three functions of retail deli, take out and sit-down dining within a comfortable, welcoming setting where layout and interior elements naturally guide them to the products they desire. A tile faced, stone hearth pizza oven is the centerpiece of the restaurant and supports a busy take out business. Gleaming glass cases and stainless fixtures present a wide array of Italian specialty products in the retail area with high warehouse ceilings. The dining area, served from a black granite, stainless and tile counter within a dramatic two story space provides hot entrees, desserts, espresso and fine wines for enjoyment in the adjacent, more intimate mahogany and stone trimmed Tuscan dining area.


Boston, MA

The latest in hot new restaurants in Boston's vibrant South End, Orinoco is a comfy home-style neighborhood joint with a hip, international flavor created by a world class Latino chef and cosmopolitan Venzuelan owner. Located in the historic district, DLA secured approvals for the restaurant installation in a former office space from both the South End Architectural Commission and state Architectural Access Board. On the inside DLA created an open kitchen layout and lighting design for the restaurant that was finished and decorated working closely with the owner Andres Branger who collected Venezuelan and family artifacts and interior designer Donald Giambastiani. The Boston Globe used two words to describe the completed design, “It glows.”